About Ellen Gard

Ellen Gard began her legal career in 1978, practicing in the areas of commercial and industrial real estate. She opened her own practice in 1980, and since then has taken on every type of civil litigation. She has taken on major corporations and the federal government for her clients. Gard is admitted to all four courts of appeals and the United States Supreme Court. She's litigated in the 9th District of the Supreme Court.

Ellen Gard is more than just a lawyer, she's a friend and pillar who will work with you to do whatever's right for yourself, your family, and your community. She works when other attorneys don't.

Ellen Gard is originally from Illinois, and began practicing law in Southern California in 1978.  She moved to the San Bernardino mountains in 2004. Gard opened her Lake Arrowhead office in 2013.

Attorney Ellen Gard

Ellen will help you find your way.

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